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Doctor Who: Destiny of The Doctors

Doctor Who: Destiny of The Doctors (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date:
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That poster is brilliant, even though you'd have had to have seen that episode in order to get it.
What is it from? I am curios in the episode now.
Yeah episode and show name now!

is it Doctor Who? *looked at the game it was listed as*
Yeah, I'm lost too, but very curious now...What is it?
Season 1, episode 11, "Boom Town." It's a continuation of the events in Aliens of London and World War Three. This episode also features Rose Taylor, Captain Jack Harkness, Mickey Smith, and of course the Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston.

The villain is gDNA's favorite Slitheen, DestroyerOfWorlds. I'm fairly certain his avatar was taken from the same episode, though the character also appeared in the other two Slitheen episodes.
that DOES look like the T.A.R.D.I.S. at the bottom.
There is also a Torchwood base under this spot. Later, when the Torchwood series starts, Captain Jack is in charge of that base. During this episode, he is not yet aware of Torchwood.
It's not exactly relevant to the game, but it's still cool.
wonder why they canned that series. I thought it was good actually...
They brought it back a few years ago. This is from the first season of the new series.
Yes, but why did they can the original series, just when I was starting to get used to Sylvester McCoy?
Oh jeez McCoy was a clown. I was a Jon pertwee fan myself, loved the crushed velour jackets 8)
soooooo. Who thinks this new Doctor (Matt Smith) will be just as good as the old doctor (David Tennant)?
@wastelander75 Unfortunately Sylvester McCoy was the last doctor I saw, but I've heard the new ones are good just haven't gotten around to watching them yet.
John Pertwee was a clown, too. He was my favorite, until Sylvester McCoy, who was my favorite until David Tennant. So far, Tennant blows all the others out of the continuum.
@wastelander75 Matt Smith can burn in hell.

David Tennant was the best doctor. Period
...wow that was....harsh. Especially from you Mishy.
@wastelander75 what? its true Matt Smith sucks a doctor
Really, they replaced Tennant? I kinda liked him...
yup he was eh....."killed off" at the end of the Doctor Who TV movie Doctor Who: The End of Time.

His last official line was "I...don't want to go...."

Then when you think that that's the end of the Who-niverse out pops the new guy......until I actually have time to watch an episode I'll reserve judgment for now. But...you know I have to go with Mishy's stance, Tennant WAS the Doctor.
Tom Baker will always be "the doctor" for me, I can watch earlier and later doctor who's, but when I think of the doctor I think #4.
I kind of like Cybrwyzyrd's picks, except that the first doctor I really liked was Trouton, who was also a clown.
It kinda looks like the scene from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. I'm just saying.....I love that movie too. BOM CHIKA WAH WAH!!!!
I'm pretty sure their time-travelling phone booth was a nod to Dr. Who.
Very interesting...
I know of Dr. Who & heard his name in many movies & other places. But is it a game?
@sharpshooterbabe, wow you've never seen Dr. Who, it's a great science fiction TV show from the BBC.
Yeah I don't have sateliite or cable just regular cable. Unless this show is on PBS channel 13.......ha ha ha!!!!!!! Anyway, right now I don't have time to watch Dr. Who. But w/yall telling me about it, it sounds cool. I don't get a chance to watch TV very much either b/c of college. So........unfortunately it all sounds great so far from what I am hearing from yall. I have seen Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Just some shows. :D

But if I had my choice, I would watch Adult Swim & Robot Chicken. Gawwwww........I miss it!!!!!
trying to explain Dr Who's History is like....trying to put together a 20,000 piece puzzle together in under a minute.

You're going to get angry, sad, and probably set something on fire before it's all over with.
awww......well I have tons of time......but then don't waste your breathe to explain it to me since it will take too long. But Im definitely not a pyro. lol.
best I can do is try to help....or rather Wiki it anyway:

now...I got into the whole Doctor Who universe at around John Pertwee. Been watching it ever since.
Thanks for the link. Ill check it out.
He's like fire and ice and rage. He's like the night, and the storm in the heart of the sun. He's ancient and forever. He burns at the center of time and he can see the turn of the universe.
lol I like those lines. Sooooooo epic.
plus he's a hit with some of the ladies.
...and with one of the guys.
Wow, the ORIGINAL Dr. Who..what a blast from the past..came on with Benny Hill and Prisoner Cell Block H on BBC or at the times it was called The Thames network..right???...Anyway good times..good times...8^)
Actually, as far as I can tell, nobody seems to be voting for the original Doctor.
@LordXenophon Not voting either, more of a comment on the old BBC television in the late 80's early 90's. Was never really into the whole Dr. Who thing.
Doctor Who started in the 60's.
@LordXenophon 1962 or 3 i believe, William Hartnell was the First Doctor, First episode was An Unearthly Child. Although here in the US we couldn't get anything earlier than Jon Pertwee the 3rd Doctor, until after the late 80s, then we got every single Dr Who in order from beginning to end...at that time...hooray for PBS.
By then, most of the original episodes were lost forever due to water damage. We got all the surviving episodes in order.
ahhhh ha now that I didn't know.
It was really a shame. The vast majority of Patrick Troughton's episodes where among those lost.
Well the episodes i remember, Patrick Troughton did a very comedic almost vaudvillian doctor. He was one of my favorites as well the humor was refreshing after Hartnell.
It feels like Im lost in this Dr. Who universe convo. yall have going on.......
@sharpshooterbabe Same here, and to boot, ironically, there is a Dr. Who marathon on SyFy today...go figure.

But Mystery Science Theater you mentioned, I am an avid fan, along with RiffTrax. Could watch [ and have ] that all day long. BTW Mike Nelson Rules...8^)
I don't like the Doctor one bit. He busted one of my cousins out of his eternal prison, then just killed him. Threw him into a black hole. Can you believe that?
Technically speaking, it was Rose who dealt the deathblow.
Yeah. To the window.
Doctor Who is so popular, even Romans watch it.
Why shouldn't they? The Doctor has saved Rome.
He never saved Ba'ator. I think he's anti-demon.
First, you complain about him killing your cousin, then you want him to save Ba'ator? That's rather chaotic, for a Ba'atezu.
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